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FarmShark is one of several highly specialized, online publications operated by SharkPage:

Publishing a leading farm resource is a responsibility that we take seriously. To guide us, we stick to principles in our editorial and advertising operations.


1. Our editorial process is separate from our advertising activities. We do accept advertising from agricultural aircraft dealers, realtors, and other agriculture companies, but we don't allow such orders to influence our editorial process.


1. Our focus, and our highly specific categories, insures you of reaching a very qualified audience.

2. Our web pages load fast, so that readers can see classifieds and directories quickly. Our web pages don't have the complex graphics and applets that can slow download times.

3. Classified ad titles and directory listings are one click away from the home page. This lets readers reach your message quickly, simply, and without distraction.

4. Because we're not affiliated with any agricultural aircraft dealer, realtor, or other agriculture company, classifieds are placed impartially. Dated classifieds are posted with the newest one at the top.

"I'd recommend
people find it
if they're looking for
farms and acreage."

--A.S., Nebraska

"I've got a couple of
ads on
and we are enjoying
receiving a few leads
every day."

--B. B., North Carolina

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